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I hereby warrant and represent that the statements made herein are true and correct and I understand that factor, its agents or assigns will rely upon them when processing an application. By signing below, I am hereby authorizing factor, its agents or assigns to use any business or consumer reporting credit agency or bureau to verify the information contained herein and will provide them with additional personal or business credit information as required. I fully understand that by submitting this company profile, factor, its agents, or assigns are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase my business accounts receivable or to provide any other form of commercial finance. I further understood that if accepted, factor will purchase accounts only after the execution of an acceptable Master Purchase and Sales Factoring Agreement, supporting agreements, personal guaranties, and / or any additional documents required to satisfactorily perfect factor's collateral position. With the following signature and as owner or an officer of the applicant business, I hereby authorize my business accountants, attorneys, banks, or any other party as required to provide any supporting documents necessary to establish this factoring or commercial finance relationship. I further authorize a facsimile of this authorization to be accepted as an original.

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