Inheritance Advances

Cash Advance on a Pending Inheritance

Are you the heir of a pending inheritance which is currently tied up in the probate court system? Do you need Lump Sum FA$T CA$H today? If so, the professionals at A-1 FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS, LLC can help with a unique financial product called an Inheritance Advance.

Purchasing a New Dream Home

Taking a Dream Vacation

Taking Advantage of Attractive Investment Opportunities

Paying for Unforeseen Medical Procedures

Starting a New Business

Settling Legal Matters

Re-Training or Completing a College Education

Preparing Your Estate

Purchasing a New Vehicle

Attention: Family Law Practitioners and Estate Planners

Inheritance advances are a unique product which provides heirs with liquidity when they need it most. When estate cash is in short supply, contact us for a complimentary evaluation regarding your ability to arrange an Inheritance Advance for needy beneficiaries, simply fill in the form to the right to get the “Free Quote” process started.

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We not only purchase notes, but also work closely with some of the nation’s most respected specialty contract buyers to insure you will always receive a top dollar cash out of your annuity, promissory note, or similar payment stream.

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